MAY 31 - JUN 2


Can you sense the stirrings of a protest resonating deep within your bones?

There’s an indescribable yearning, a knowledge that life holds untapped possibilities waiting for you. It’s a recognition of an unexplored magic.


This retreat aims to guide you on a transformative journey toward heightened awareness of the internal and subtle sensations within your body.
Why delve into this realm? Because it is from within that your unique greatness can be kindled and unleashed.
The objective is to foster a reconnection with the internal and sensual dimensions of your being.
As you forge a deeper bond with your feelings, uncover your true self, and discern your desires, a profound trust in yourself will blossom.
It is through this trust that confidence emerges, empowering you to live your life unapologetically as a Wild Woman.

Tickets start at $777

Pricing varies by sleeping quarters. Payment plans and scholarships are available.

If you are interested in applying for this retreat, please reach out to Anna Prieto for a discovery call. This will be a small intimate curated event and participants will be chosen for maximum group flow and cohesion. 



If you’re ready to shed the layers of story holding you back from connecting to your fullest and most invigorated life, this retreat is for you. This is an opportunity to let go of all the numbing, conditioning, and programming from the outside world of being a “good girl” and step into a curated sacred container where you can authentically connect with HER.
Her who? Your own unique and individual greatness, your Wild Woman.
But most importantly, you will learn how to re-connect deeper with her and tap into Wild Woman energy on your own.
The secret sauce is in integration and your retreat leaders are integration specialists.
A healthy meal will be provided for dinner each night and your accommodation in the lakeside cabin are included.
Pre-retreat intention setting group call, and post-retreat integration call included to help you get the most of of this experience.

Activities & Workshops

Day 1:

  • Opening Circle
  • Breathwork & Ice Bath
  • The Invitation: An Awakening: Wear Your Goddess Attire
  • Nourishing Dinner
  • Fire Ceremony & Fire Play

Day 2:

  • Boundaries & Safe Touch
  • Sensual Magic
  • Mindful Eating
  • Shabari
  • Contact Flow
  • Wild Embodiment
  • Nourishing Dinner
  • Cacao & Connection Ceremony: Wear Your Wild Woman Outfit

Day 3:

  • Meditation Magic
  • Artful Crafting
  • Closing Ceremony



Amy is a Third-Degree High Priestess of the Artemisian Faerie Faith Tradition of Witchcraft, and has numerous certifications in various energetic healing techniques, herbalism and medicine crafting, divinatory practices, and Shamanic techniques. 

She is going to bring her ritual and magick expertise to guide us in crafting our own magikal herbal potions!



Brooke is a passionate advocate for embracing the divine feminine energy within and fostering connections with the living Earth and cosmos.


Her workshops utilize Shabari and other divine feminine practices that will support you in exploring your own limiting beliefs, shed outdated versions of yourself, and delve into sacred sisterhood!



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About Anna's Retreats

An Intimate Group Integration Experience

7+ Introspective Workshops

Nutritional Nourishment

Immersive Breathwork

Embodied Movement

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Costa Rica

– Coming Soon –

Costa Rica

– Coming Soon – 


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